Stony Cliffe and Coxley Woods (walking) Route Details

Route Description

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A pleasant, if not little muddy walk, in the woods near Netherton, which are owned by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, with a return by a bridleway near Middlestown.


Woodland tracks, muddy in the winter.

Detailed description

Follow the road up the hill, until just after crossing the old railway line by the new houses, you turn left along the old railway. Turn right to walk into the woodland, which is a mixed oak and birch lowland wood owned and managed by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

Carry on through the woods until you reach a gravel bridleway, where you turn right, cross a small stream before climbing out of the woods towards Middlestown. After carrying on nearly to the edge of the village, turn right and head down the rough track which passes several farms, before going back into Coxley Woods. After climbing to the edge of the woods, follow the track to the small hamlet of Coxley, before turning left up the road, and then right to reach the main road by the viaduct and the start.

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