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A run along the canal in Horbury.


Roads, canal tow path, and some fields

Detailed description

Follow Jenkin Lane, and then the small footpath down to the main road. Follow the mainroad to where it crosses the canal, and turn right along the canal. Follow the canal until you reach the lock keepers cottage, and then turn right along the rough path along the river Calder. Cross under the railway, and then over the footbridge, until you reach a road.

Turn right and go past the pub into the industrial estate. At the end of the road, take the narrow footpath alongside the railway. Headup across fields at junction with a footpath, and turn right at the top of the field. Clamber up on to the road, and head down the road briefly until you see a bridleway on the left. Follow the dirt track until you rejoin Jenkin Lane.



Although this makes a great cross country run, there's no reason why this wouldn't be a pleasant walk, especially if you included a visit to the pub halfway round.

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