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Route Description

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A mostly offroad, fairly hilly trail run.


Quiet roads and footpaths. Will be muddy in winter, but not impossibly so, apart from a few places in the woods.

Hazards and warnings

Around Stocksmoor nature reserve the path is not very obvious at all.

Detailed description

From Horbury, head down to the Navigation pub, cross the canal, and start to follow the steady uphill track through the woods. The pickup a footpath on the other side of Blacker Lane which leads to a farm track, which in turn leads to a quiet lane. At the turn on the lane head through the small nature reserve, before picking up a footpath at the corner which takes you down into the woods past Earnshaw's fencing centre. A muddy track takes you around the woods to arrive on an old railway that heads up to the prison at New Hall. Then follow an obvious series of tracks back down to the bottom of Coxley woods, and then a fairly unpleasant slog back up the hill to Horbury up Quarry Bank.


A warm dry summer's evening, and the temptation to put in some serious miles was impossible to resist.

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