Horbury - Flockton - Kirkheaton - Mirfield (mountain biking) Route Details

Route Description

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A long and hilly ride over to Emley Moor


Quiet roads, tracks, bridleways, and the odd bit of footpath, and canal towpath

Detailed description

From Horbury, go up through Coxley Woods. There's a lot of climbing, but somehow it's more pleasant than doing so on the road.

At Flockton, take mill lane down and then head up a lovely bridleway to eventually arrive at Common Lane, all the while being overlooked by the huge TV mast at Emley Moor. From there head to Lepton via a sneaky bit of footpath (or follow the road), and then from Lepton, head across to the nice fast descent down Thurgory Lane. The carry on along a hilly but pleasant road to Houses Hill.

From Houses Hill, pick up a rather muddy bridleway which takes you past the old clay pit, and to the edge of Kirkheaton. A bridleway takes you around the edge of the village. I got a bit lost in Kirkheaton, but you just need to head to the top of the town. Round Hill lane will then take you down to the cycle track which runs from Mirfield to Huddersfield. Follow the cycletrack east. For a variation take the bridge and go across the railway to go past Mirfield station, and then pickup the canal. I believe that section of canal is no cycling, but nobody stopped me. From there, either follow the riverside path or the bridleway parallel to the railway, until you pick up the Calder and Hebble canal in Ravensthorpe, which the canal soon takes you to Hobury Bridge.

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