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A nice short route around Coxley woods, taking the lower route through the woods, which is not so fun, but easier going.


Muddy in winter


I knew that there was a problem shortly after starting the ride. A nasty noise from the front spoke of problems with the front disc, and more worrying still, the there seemed be a problem engaging the pedals.

As I started down into the woods, I noticed that no matter how hard I pedalled, the bike wasn't going anywhere. By the bottom of the hill I was stuck fast. The pawls in the hub seemed to not engage. After much swearing I was able to plod on slowly, but with only gentle pressure on the pedals, which required some walking up the hill (what a excuse!).

Eventually I arrived home, having spent far longer out in the woods, than expected. A quick strip down of the offending part revealed that the pawls were not engaging, due to too much mud, and not enough oil in that area, which was soon corrected with a good clean and some oil.

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