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A walk along the River Calder and the Calder and Hebble canal to Wakefield and Thornes Park


Good level riverside paths.

Detailed description

Walk down through Horbury, and pickup the canal side path, which you will follow until you reach the set of locks where the canal rejoins the river. Take a small street round the back of the industrial area, and out into an area of victorian houses. Go under the railway on Avondale road, until you get to the main A 636 Denby Dale Road, and cross over onto Park Avenue. The head across the park to the hotel at the Holefield Arms. The go up the hill, to the old castle (you can't really see much other than an overgrown ditch) and down the other side until you reach the A 642 Horbury Road. Either take the bus (there are plenty of buses running back to Horbury) or walk along the main road back to Horbury Town centre.

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