Horbury Wakefield Heath (Mountain Biking) Route Details

Route Description

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A short evening ride around the River Calder to Wakefield and back, exploring some of the reclaimed mining areas to the east of Wakefield.


A mixture of roads, cycle tracks and some single track. Quite good for riders wanting to dabble in going offroad.

Hazards and warnings

Navigation can be tricky in places.

Detailed description

Follow the sign posted cycle route to Wakefield. Cross the bridge with the chapel on it, and follow the riverside path over the canal locks, and carry on on towards what used to be Wakefield Power station. Then, pickup the narrow path through the woods which runs near the river, for some pleasant single track fun. The path joins the better surfaced Trans Pennines Trail, and crosses an elaborate metal bridge over the river, and follow the easy going trail along the canal, past a nature reserve created from old coal mining working  to Stanley Ferry, which the canal crosses the river.

Route Map

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