Horbury Coxley Woods (Mountain Biking) Route Details

Route Description

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A short ride around some local tracks and bridleways.


Not all of the route is on a proper right of way for bikes. Some is over waste ground which is commonly used by dog walkers etc, so you need to be sensible about riding the route.

Hazards and warnings

The bit which goes past the old open cast mine is not very ridable, and a better alternative is to take Blacker Lane to the start of the Bridleway.

Detailed description

Please note: the owners of the wood, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, would like to point out that cycling is not permited on the permissive footpaths which run through Coxley woods. If you do venture this way bear this in mind. Also, look out for illegal motorcrossers, who tear around the woods causing lots of noise and erosion. Some dog walkers have stretched ropes at head height to stop these, which is obviously very dangerous to anybody passing that way.


A sunday morning hack around some of the local offroad bits. It's probably best not to follow the route through the old open cast mine workings. I was trying to see if the old railway that ran along Blacker Brook was something you could follow (which it's not really). However, following Blacker Lane (or the path which comes up from the old coal staithes to Blacker Lane) would be a better choice for this ride.

You are not allowed to ride in Coxley woods, but the lower part is crossed by a bridleway, and between the bridleway and the estate the old quarry is full of bike tracks used by local kids.

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