Horbury - Denby - Thornhill (Mountain Biking) Route Details

Route Description

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A muddy and hilly offroad route to the south of the river Calder, with loads of fun singletrack, and some good descents.


Muddy in winter, lots of farms tracks and some nice single track. Not really suitable for inexperienced riders, or those with a dislike of hills or mud.

Hazards and warnings

nothing much, but very muddy in winter

Detailed description

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A sunday morning ride, with the remains of last weeks snow still hanging around.

The track very all muddy with flowing water, and the odd bit of unmelted snow. However, apart from a small bit around Dewsbury Golf Course, everything was rideable. The descent from Whitley Lower to the Calder is probably the high point of the ride, as the woods are full of legal stone slab clad paths, as well as various dirt jumps and tracks in the woods, if you fancy a change. However, the paths are heavily used by horses, so you need to watch out for horses.

If you fancy a brutal extra climb to add to the ride, and conditions are dry, you can climb back up to Thornhill from Thornhill Lees for a extra bit of offroad.

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