Hollingsclough - Packhorse Hill (Walking) Route Details

Route Description

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A walk that was orginally intended as circuit taking in Packhorse Hill, and Chrome Hill, before being abandoned due to bad weather after Packhorse Hill


Good paths at first, before a steep and pathless climb, and a rocky sharp ridge, with some difficult downclimbing

Hazards and warnings

Despite the small size of the hills, the route takes in some steep and slippery sections, and the descent from Packhorse Hill demands great care in wet weather

Detailed description

Follow the obvious path to the base of Packhorse Hill, and then make your way across access land to the base of the Hill, before climbing steeply onto the ridge. If conditions are bad there is an escape route to the north on a grassy but manageable slope by the summits. Descend the steep and narrow ridge, which is quite exposed with slippery and polished rock until just before the last pinnacle, a path descends to the right. Follow the path back to the bridge and take the other footpath to the road and the start.


Despite it being late October, the weather was cold with the threat of wintery showers. Once we arrived at the foot of Packhorse Hill it started to hail. I opted to climb Packhorse Hill, with the others in the party retracing back to the end of the ridge. After gaining the ridge in heavy hail I started to descend. I was enjoying the exposure and feeling of height more like the Lakes than the Peak District, but the wet ground and the hail made a scary descent, with a definite feeling that a small slip would end in a long fall. Luck was not with me, and I managed to lose my new waterproof map, and had to climb back up again to find it. At the point I returned back down we decided to cut short the walk, and head back to the car. Once I arrived at the car, my lack of luck that day because apparent, as I had left my phone on the hill, when I foolishly pulled the phone out to call the others to let them know I was having a hard time on the ridge. Fortunatly, I climbed the hill again and found the phone at the base of the escape route I had used when finding the map! I'm not sure if I was lucky to lose to items and find them again, or unlucky to have lost them. Either way I ended up climbing most of the hill 3 times that day!

Route Map

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