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Pleasant Walk/Run along canal towpath with views over Lyme Park, returning on disused railway - The Middlewood Way


Can be muddy after wet spells

Hazards and warnings

Dont fall in canal. Crossing main road

Detailed description

Pleasant Walk/Run along canal towpath, returning on disused railway - The Middlewood Way.  Mainly flat. There are numerous places to park for middle wood way - laybys on the A6 and sideroads nr Royal oak pub. Proceed up A6 to High Lane as far as the Bulls Head Pub. Access to the towpath is opposite the pub.  Take care crossing road.  Once on towpath go back toward Bulls Head, passing under the A6 via Tunnel.  After a few KM the visitor centre car park is on your right. Pass through this down to the Middlewood way which is signposted.  Head back towards the A6 a few KM away. Exit the middlewood way to the left just before the tunnel under the A6.  Turn right up the A6 back to your car / bus stop

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