Newlands Corner and St Martha on the hill.kml (Offroad wheelchair - Boma) Route Details

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A route across Merrow Downs, Walnut Tree Bottom, Newlands Corner, North Downs Way, St Martha on the hill, Pewley Down, Cross Lanes.


Sandy soil, pine forest, bracken.

Hazards and warnings

One rather steep woodland bit coming south off the main North Downs ridge to White Lane (see photograph) which can be easily be avoided by using the track that goes west via the small carpark. Getting up to St Marthas directly from the west is tricky - a nasty combination of uphill gradient and soft sand. Instead recommend traversing around to the north side of the hill, from which there is a manageable path south to the crest. St Marthas can also be easily approached from the east (the route down in this trail). Cross Lanes in Guildford dates from ca. 1200 AD, and is considerably overgrown - gloves and a long sleeved shirt recommended. Trail maintenance will probably be an unavoidable consequence of a successful pass down Cross Lanes. Recommend only doing Cross Lanes northbound (downhill).

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