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A pleasant, rolling walk around the western edge of the Yorkshire Wolds, with open fields, and woodlands


Grassy paths (muddy in winter) and some quiet roads

Detailed description

Follow the obvious track through Givendale, and up the steep hill, to eventually arrive at a road junction. Head down into Millington, and the follow the Pockington. Turn left off the road and cross fields, past a farm, and across a small stream.

At the road, turn right and then left at the junction by the farm. Pickup the footpath on the right and head up into the wood, which can be quite boggy. At the top of the wood, follow the path to the left, and along the edge of the fields, until you turn right, and up the hill, to eventually arrive at the road, just by the edge of Great Givendale village.


A pleasant walk on a cold windy winter's day, with a bit of snow on the ground, and a bitter wind once away from the shelter of the hills.

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