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The first part of a multiday expedition, when I walked from where I was dropped off, until I got tired and didn't want to walk anymore


A well surfaced easy to walk track

Detailed description

I followed the track that starts by the Kinghouse Hotel and headed towards Rannoch, and passed Black Corries lodge, before tireness and falling snow persuded me to stop walking, and strike camp.


I did this walk in the winter of 1987. Several things were different then: I was younger, very, very fit and well able to cope well with difficult conditions. On the downside I was fairly poorly equiped- goretex bivvi rather than tent, no lightweight cooking kit and not particularly good clothes, and lacking in experience of winter conditions. Winters were much colder then. There was plenty of snow on the ground, and most standing water was frozen.

I got a lift up from down south with University Climbing club. The minibus dropped me off on the A82 at about 10 PM. The other occupants of the minibus, heading to the relative comfort of a bunkhouse in Glencoe throught I was mad. There was snow on the ground, and plenty of moonlight, so I made good progress through the bitter cold of Rannoch Moor. After a few hours of good progress, the cloud came in, and the snow started. I decided to stop walking and get some food going, before turning into my bivvi bag. A bivvi bag and a good sleeping bag is a claustrophobic but warm place to sleep and the steadily falling snow was the last thing I remembered before falling asleep. In the morning my kit was covered in snow, and it looked at if the weather had changed to slightly warmer, but much snowier conditions.

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