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A walk up one of the the most famous mountains in Scotland, Buchaille Etiv Mor. The walking is not technical, but don't underestimate the effort required.


Rocky paths

Hazards and warnings

The NE face of the mountain is very steep and rocky, and should not under any circumstances be used to descent. The only safe way is via the bealach.

Detailed description

Despite the fearsome looking profile of the mountain from the A82, not all parts of the mountain are unsuitable for walkers, as the summit can be reached via a well worn, popular path from the north.

Park by the houses, on the south of the road, and head down the obvious track towards the mountain, make sure you take the path which heads up into the large corrie, not the paths which head towards the far scarier ground of the left. Go up into the corries, taking care on the last push up to the ridge, as there can be a large cornice in winter. Turn left and head to the summit.

To descend retrace your steps, taking care at the top of the bealach.

I'll add some photos when I get around to scanning them all.


I have been up this mountain many times over the years, and each time has been worthwhile, be it winter or summer. Even in summer, snow can linger long into the summer, in the north facing corries.

The huge and dramatic NE face holds many climbs, winter climbs and a few scrambles for mear mortals. I'll add some more routes for some of the winter climbs I have tried in area.

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