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Route Description

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A classic walk up into the hanging valley called the 'Lost Valley'. Although the climb is quite steep, this is a good walk for experienced walker when the weather is bad, or less experienced walkers in good condition


A steep path, and some areas which involve scrambling over boulders, or walking over areas with no obvious path

Hazards and warnings

Steep mountain paths can be dangerous at any time, but especially in snowy conditions

Detailed description

Follow the path down to the bridge. Then carry on up the steep hill. The path clings to the side of the stream as it falls down a series of water falls. When the path goes left to cross the stream, instead carry straight on, and scramble, clamber and squeeze between the boulders in the rocky boulder field. Eventually you will reach the top, and see a view of a wide flat valley.

Follow the right hand side of the valley, and go to the left of the stream, where it emerges from the gorge. Follow the poor to non existant path upward towards the head of the valley. You will see an area of easier ground that leads down to the stream, descent here, and climb up to the path above the stream on the other side. Descend the path on the north side of the valley, until you reach the flat part of the valley.

When exiting the valley, take the righthand side of the stream and follow the steep but well surfaced path down towards the ford. Then at the ford cross the stream and follow the path back down to the bridge (taking care on the descent), and then up to the main road.

Route Map

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