Robin Hoods Bay to Ravenscar (walking) Route Details

Route Description

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A lovely beach walk, and then a walk back along the cliffs, with incredible views out to sea.


Rocky beaches, and cliff top paths.

Hazards and warnings

Don't attempt this unless the tide is falling. Tide tables can be found here, under the entry for Whitby. The cliffs can be unstable, care needs to be taken to avoid walking right below unstable sections.

Detailed description

Walk along the beach, having checked the tide times before setting out. You'll want to be starting the walk on a falling tide.

At Boggle Hole, you may have difficulty fording the stream as it flows on to the beach. At the next stream ensure that you still have time to complete the walk before the tide comes in.

At Ravenscar, climb up from the beach on the steep, and rocky path, upto the golf course. Follow the path through the woods and past the old alum workings (which are worth a side trip to visit), before carrying on along the cliffs, and up and down two small valleys. Just before dropping down into Robin Hoods Bay, savour the views of the village, before walking down the wooden steeps into the village.


A perfect winter's day: blue skies, and suprisingly warm for January provided the perfect backdrop for a long walk around Robin Hoods Bay and Ravenscar.

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