Stoupe Bank to Robin Hoods Bay (walking) Route Details

Route Description

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A short walk introducing Robin Hoods Bay from the less busy side, with a walk along the beach and cliffs. Depending on the tides, you can walk on the beach if the tide is far out enough, or stay on the cliffs.


Easy paths, and beaches. Quite a few hills.

Hazards and warnings

Beware the tide coming in. The beach section is best done at low tide, or a falling tide, unless you are familar with the area. The bit by Boggle Hole is the first to be covered by water, so you are unlikely to be cut off by the tide.

Detailed description

To get to the start drive eithe to Scarborough and head up the narrow road to Ravenscar to avoid traffic on the coast road, or from Whitby, take the turn signposted for Ravenscar from the coast road by the Flask Inn.


A changable spring day, with just enough shealter from the westerly breeze to make walking along the beach on a windy day with rain threatened comfortable.

The drive from Scarborough is pretty dramatic. As you reach the top of the hill above Ravenscar and see the spread of the valley containing Robin Hoods Bay and Fylingthorpe you can't fail to notice the drama of the location. Take notice of the tide. If the tide is right out, you'll see a mass of wave cut rocks in the bay, and you'll be able to walk along the beach. If the tide is by the cliffs you'll have to wait for the tide to fall. The road down to the start was narrow and very, very steep, and

The car park at Stoupe Brow Farm was small, but there were free spaces. After parking we walked down to the small bridge over the beck at Stoupe Beck. The tide was still falling and we decided to walk along the cliffs. The cliffs are being constantly eaten away by the sea, and there were a few bits were the path comes perilously close to the edge. After short walk on the cliffs we desended to Boggle Hole, before crossing another beck and and heading along the cliffs. If you do the walk, the views of Robin Hoods Bay village (called Bay town) make the climb onto the cliffs worth it. After decending a long set of wooden steps we arrived in the middle of a busy Robin Hoods Bay. After eating fish and chips, we walked around to the landing, and then up King Street, and along the pretty walk way of Chapel walk, before heading uphill at Sunny's Place, and walking around some of the maze of pretty whitewashed houses which spread across the cliffside. Many of the houses are holiday cottages and are well kept with tiny gardens and window bozes that look almost Mediterrean on a sunny day, and although very scenic, probably very different to when the village was a working fishing and smuggling village.

After walking back down the main village road, which now seems to have been developed with lots of small tourist shops, we decided the tide had fallen enough to try walking back along the beach. The surface is a mixture of rock platform, and pebbles and can be quite hard going. The small jutting out cliff of shale by Boggle Hole requires a certain amount of difficulty in crossing the slippery rocks of the stream, or clambering around the small shale cliff (the waves constantly move the beach around so it may be easier or harder at times). After a bit more walking along the beach (beware the base of the cliffs as rock falls happen), we were back at the small stream below Stoupe Brow, and back at the car after climbing the steps from the beach.

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