Fylingthorpe Boggle Hole Run (running) Route Details

Route Description

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A hilly run taking in a steady climb, amazing views and a run along the beach.


Well surfaced track, footpaths and sandy but firm beach

Hazards and warnings

The beach is covered by the tide, and care should be taken. If the beach is covered, just use the clifftop path.

Detailed description

Follow the track climbing steadily to Stoupw Brow farm, and then drop down a steeply sloping footpath to reach the road from Ravenscar to Stoupe Bank. At the stream assess if the beach is safe to run on.

Follow the beach or the clifftop path to Boggle Hole. At Boogle Hole a small rocky cliff obstructs further progress, and depending on the state of the stream and sea you may have to splash through water, or attempt to walk along a very narrow ledge on th ecliff.

From there, Baytown as the village is called is not far, and a steep rocky path takes you to the top.

Route Map

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