Huggate - Wetwang (Mountain Biking) Route Details

Route Description

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A long but fun route on some of the best offroad riding to be had in the Yorkshire Wolds


Muddy all year, bar the driest of summers, as you'd expect from the Wolds, but still ridable. Some technical bits but mostly easy technically

Hazards and warnings

The mainroad can be busy with fast traffic, so you need to take care.

Detailed description

Descent into the woods, and arrive in Millington Dale. Climb up the steep dry valley and then enjoy several miles of gently descending offroad bridleway. At Tibthorpe carry on north along the B 1248, before picking up a bridleway that connects to a nice section of farm track that enventually takes you to near Wetwang.

Head NW on the B 1248 and then take a track that crosses to the A 166, before turning left off the main road to the top of Holmdale. Carry on down Holmdale before taking the steep climb to the top, which eventually leads you to Huggate, and an easy bit of road to the start. You can miss out some of the offroad sections by staying on the A 166 until Fridaythorpe.


We did this in the muddy, cold and wet depths of winter. By the time we reached Tibthorpe it was dark. We arrive in Wetwang very tired and hungry, and decided to stay on the A 166 to Fridaythorpe as by then it was raining hard. The rest of the route in the dark was great, even if decending into the dark at 25 mph does get scary.

Route Map

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