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A walk up into the quiet and peaceful valley of Farndale, followed by a wild camp, on the edge of the moors. Farndale is a tranquil place, except during the daffodil season, when it becomes very busy with visitors


Very quiet roads, and gravel tracks, and grassy paths

Detailed description

Park by the chapel, and follow the road, until you see a footpath on the left. Go down to the river and cross by the bridge, before climbing the otherside to the road.

Go right on the road and follow the road which progressively becomes rougher and rougher. After Spring House, the track is overgrown and boggy. Cross the river by the ford, and climb upto the track which heads towards the barn. Follow the track alongside the old mine working, and then descend towards the stream and cross the new bridge, built recently to replace the one destroyed in the floods.

After the bridge, turn around (we camped here) and repeat the route to the old farm, and then descend towards the track which leads along the opposite side of the dale, where you will join a small road. Follow this back to the start by the chapel.


After weeks of rain, the weather forecast promised a brief respite from winter in july. So, we seized the day, and set off to wild camp in Farndale. After a walk in that could have been shorter, bar the fact it's doesn't feel like wild camping unless you walked a few miles, we reached a place I had mentally bookmarked some years ago as an idea site.

The location had running water nearby, great views, and was reasonably sheltered. Better still, with the soil so saturated with water, the ground was well drained and dry.

Note: unlike in Scotland, and some parts of the UK like Dartmoor, there is no right to camp on private property, even on a right of way, without permission of the landowner. However, if you choose a location on the moors, on uncultivated land which above the top fence, and you don't leave litter, or start fires, and are inobtrusive, you are unlikely to get in trouble. Just remember to be careful and not mess things up for others.

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