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Route Description

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A long walk taking in some steep cloughs, and the trackless waste of the Kinder Plateau. Easily accessed by train as there is a station at the start.


Frozen, which brings it's own problems, boggy at other times, especially across the central section of Kinder. Dry feet are unlikely by the days end

Hazards and warnings

Some very steep sections on the cloughs, require a head for heights and good scrambling ability. Crowden Clough at the very top is a steep scramble requiring confidence to downclimb. Also, the top is pathless and difficult to navigate in poor visibility. Don't be fooled into thinking this is suitable for the poorly equipped.

Detailed description

From the station or carpark, head up to the village of Grindsbrook House, before crossing the stream at the top of the village. Follow the well marked path, taking car to take the lower path at the fork. Beyond the wood, either follow the path above the stream, or do as we did and follow the stream as closely as possible for a bit of boulder clambering fun.

At the fork in the river, take the left hand fork, which looks very steep. There are plenty of handhold on good solid rock, but depending on conditions you might find anything from ice, to flowing water. If the stream is up, consider escaping to the side of the stream. At the top, head east (there'sa path around the side of the edge we couldn't find in the snow), before at the top of Crowden Clough, trend north north east.

In snow there was no sign of a path, but in clearer conditions you may be able to find fragments of a path. In porr visibility you will need to follow a bearing or a GPS. As you approach the centre of the moor, you should start to find a path starts to form, and if your navigation has been good, you will hit a peaty stream, with a stone cairn. Follow the stream NNE towards the downfall, using the obvious gap of 'Kinder Gates' to aim at. We found the stream to be frozen and easy, but in other conditions this would be wet. You'll eventually hit the point at which the stream punges over the side of Kinder at the downfall. After the usual gawping at the view, photos and lunch, head south along the edge on the obvious path, until at theTrig point at Kinder Low (the high point of the route - but not the highest point on Kinder), turn east and follow the track along the edge.

Pass the weird rocks of the Woll Packs, and after pausing for the view at Crowden Tower prepare to descend. If you are confident on steep rocky sections, you can head down Crowden Clough. If not, consider taking on of the many paths to the west of the Clough which avoid the difficulties. When we did Croden Clough we found a waterfall had frozen up which required some careful work with iceax and crampons to downclimb the fall.

After the falls the paths meet up and the clough becomes an easy decent. Just before the top wall, turn left and follow the path above the intake wall which joins the Pennine way, before descending to Grindbrook Booth.


A cold and sunny day at a weekend was too good to miss. Grindbrook Clough was fun, especially clambering over the snow clad rocks. The top of the clough was iced up, but the difficulties avoidable.

Once on the top we headed in the general direction of the path, although in the snow it was hard to find much to follow, until near Kinder Gates, a distinct path starts to form.

The views from an iced up Kinder Downfall and out to the west where really amazing, with all directions covered in snow.

Coming down Crowden Clough was at first icy, but passable, until the waterfall, which had turned into a pillar of solid water ice required the use of iceaxes and crampons. Regardless of the conditions this is a hard bit to downclimb, but there are plenty of pathes to bypass it. Once past that, an easy walk took us back to Edale.

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