Raincliffe Woods (Mountain Biking) Route Details

Route Description

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A long dragging climb followed by several miles of fantastic flowing singletrack


Road, followed by narrow twisty singletrack

Hazards and warnings

There are a few places with some big scary drops off to the side. Take care. Do watch out for low trees, and logs placed on the path.

Detailed description

Follow the road to the top, and then head for the radio mast. Turn left and pick up the bridleway at the edge of the woods. The bridleway ends, but there's an obvious path, popular with local riders for years which carries on.

After a mile or so of easy flat riding the trail begins to descend and become more technical, with some fine sections that alternate between really fast downhill, and technical challenges.

When you hit the farm track at the bottom, either carry on along the track to the road, or head down to the bottom of Forge Valley and the road, for an exciting finish.

Do watch out for walkers, as the area is popular at times, with lots of dog walkers. The ride is fantastic as a night ride, as it's short and fun in the dark.

Route Map

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