Brendon Hills - Exmoor (MBR Hard Route) (Mountain Biking) Route Details

Route Description

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If you like hills and punishment you'll love this. However, if you like a really varied ride with good scenery, you'll also like it. You get wooded valley's, open moor and coast.


Conditions weren't perfect, rain to start and quite a bit of wind. Alot of the trails had turned into rivers and we had to deal with alot of mud... but we loved it!

Hazards and warnings

Mud, steep down hills, cardiac arrests, diseased friends and chavs driving shit cars in Minehead.

Detailed description

See MBR ride guide for a proper description. Follow the route and you can't go wrong.


At the end you might want to off road the footpath into minhead. We stayed on the road because of brake problems.


Ali. Ben and myself set out at about 11am after loading up on provisions. The first climb was a killer and Ben was suffering from some disease which made it even tougher for him. The rain started pouring down - wind in your face. Things weren't looking good.

 However, soon got into our stride and hit the first down hill. Smiles per mile certainly increased and so did the mud to clothing ratio. Stupid ascent on rocky singletrack followed and ended up at road that was used to descend (what a waste of gravity).

The descent from Stoke Pero into Horner wood totally did it for me, really nice rocky singletrack, my Blur did me proud over this. The pleasure is followed by a nasty climb up Granny's ride. I'd like to see a granny ride that... we had to push.

The next descent into Hawcombe is cool too - again, it's singletrack and fast. Yee haa.

The next point of interest is the ford at Allerford. We had to ride through this about five times for various photo opportunities.

Life's quite tough then climbing to the coast. However, we were rewarded. The views from Selworthy Beacon are great and if you're as lucky as we were you'll have the trade winds on your side (your back side hopefully) and you'll coast down to Minehead. The last 10K doesn't feel anywhere near as gnarly as the first bit.

We took about 6.5 hours. Mostly stopping to faf around and take photos. Great day out, I'll be back to Exmoor soon. However, next time I'm not going to start at sea level!!

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