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A hilly route along the western flanks of the Long Mynd, offering some big climbs and amazing views


Quiet roads, and well surfaced double track. The last offroad bit can be boggy, but mostly this is an all year route

Detailed description

From the start take the steeply climbing BW south, which then zig-zags back, to go north up the ridge. Follow the ridge upwards, until the slope eases. The views on all sides are amazing in good weather as you can see Snowdonia, Calder Idris, and the Black Mountains.

Take note of the diversions around the gliding club, as the rights of way marked on the map take you across the airfield. Turn left on the road and follow this until you come to a rough track on the left, shortly after you pass on the left of Pole Bank.

Follow the track down the gloriously fast descent, until you cross a road by Manor Farm. After decending some more, and climbing you reach Adstone. Take the minor road south, until after a long straight section you come to a cross roads. Take the eastern fork up towards the hill. and turn right at the T junction. Follow the road, which becomes a track. After a rough section, which can be rather waterlogged and has a few small fords, you will rejoin the road at Asterton.

Carry on south along the foot of the hill until you reach the start.

Route Map

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