Cayton Bay to Filey Brigg (walking) Route Details

Route Description

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A pleasant walk along tall cliffs, out to the spectacular rocky spur of Filey Brigg and then back along the cliff tops to Filey


Decent grassy paths, with some rocky and steep bits to get down to the beach

Hazards and warnings

Cliff top walking on narrow paths near to some big drops, and the possibility of being stranded by the tide on Filey Brigg

Detailed description

Park at the surf shop, and walk along the cliffs to Filey Brigg. Walk down to the Brigg on the steep rocky path. If the tide is out far enough, walk out on the Brigg, and then walk along the foreshore to the start of the steps (if the tide is out, carry on along the beach to Filey).

Filey Brigg is dangerous in high seas, and high tides. Use you common sense before going out on the Brigg.


A walk on a clear, but very cold day.

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