Cayton Bay to Cornelian Walk (walking) Route Details

Route Description


A walk along the cliff tops and back along the beach


Clifftop paths, a steep descent to the beach and some scrambling around on rocks at Knipe Point.

Hazards and warnings

The route is only possible at low tide, and care must be taken to avoid getting caught by the incoming tide. Check the tide tables first. The section around Knipe Point is rocky and only suitable for the surefooted.

Detailed description

Walk towards the beach, and turn left onto the Cleveland way. You'll walk beside the main road, until you turn left onto a footpath just above the hill top, by the site of the recent (spring 2008) landslips that have made the news.

Carry on along the footpath signed as the Cleveland way until you reach a track going down to the beach by the pumping station. Head along the beach (parts of this are not passable at high tide) until you reach the rocky headland of Knipe Point (you can also climb up over the headland at Knipe Point, but it is very muddy). Take care on the slippery rock around the headland. At the very tip of the headland conditions ease, and the rest of the point is easy to get around. Take care for falling rocks as the cliffs here are very unstable after rain. Carry on along the broad beach until you reach the steps by the house just above the beach.

This route is not passable at high tide. Ensure you have enough time to get around the headland before high tide cuts you off.

Route Map

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