Castleton-Lose Hill-Mam Tor-Cave Dale (walking) Route Details

Route Description

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The classic walk along the Great Ridge that runs from Lose Hill to Mam Tor, with a side trip to visit Cave Dale, starting from the pretty village of Castleton


Steep, but nothing too bad, with a well surfaced stone path along the Great Ridge, with grassy paths elsewhere. Cave Dave is much muddier and rougher than the rest of the walk, but can be skipped.

Detailed description

Starting from Castleton, walk from the car park though the back of the village. Just on the edge of the village, a path leads to Hope via fields. The giant cememt works dominates the valley.

At Hope village, there are shops to distract you from the walk. Head up the road to Edale, before turning up the steep road that leads towards Lose Hill Hotel, and then carry on up the steep tree lined path that takes up on Lose Hill. At the summit enjoy the view before carrying along the easy track along the ridge. There are great views at the top of Black Tor, when the path suddenly drops, and more great views as you carry along the easy path along the Great Ridge, to first Hollins Cross and finally Mam Tor. Mam Tor is easily accessible from a nearby road, so the amazing views will shared with many others who have not had to walk far to get the view.

After Mam Tor carry on down to the old road towards Blue John Cavern. The road ends in a series of blocks of road surface tilted at crazy angles. The A 625 from Castleton to Chapel-en-le-Frith used to pass here, but repeated movement of the masive landslip below Mam Tor finally forced the road to be abandoned in the 1970s after many repeated attempts to fix it. As the landslide is has been gradually moving downhill over the years, you can see layer upon layer of road ripped open as engineers repeatedly tried to repair the ever moving road.

Carry on down the road towards Castleton. If time allows, climb back up towards Peveril Castle (otherwise follow the road back). You can get near to the castle, but not actually to the castle as a chasm seperates the castle from the rest of the hill. Climb back up to the path to Cave Dale, and follow the wet and rocky path through Cave Dale back to the top of Castleton village.


A cold, and sometimes sunny day and a chance to walk the Great Ridge. The strong winds on the tops made lingering on the summits unpleasant, even if the views from the summits made you want to linger.

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