Castleton - Hope - Lose Hill (walking) Route Details

Route Description

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A fairly easy upland walk taking you from the lush green valley of Castleton to the top of Lose Hill.


Paths across fields, and some steep rocky paths up to the summit.

Detailed description

Follow the path from Castleton to Hope. Then Edale Road until you reach a track before the road crosses the river. Follow the track upwards, which turns into a sunken lane, before breaking free off the tree. After a steep climb, you'll reach the summit. After the summit follow the ridge down. You'll have a steep section just after Back Tor. If yoiu have time and energy to spare, carry on along the Hollins Cross and Mam Tor. Then head to the left of the ridge, down towards Hope.


We did this on a Easter Monday, which was unseasonably cold, with snow still lying on the ground. As we approached the summit of Lose Hill, a sudden snow shower made for some unpleasant conditions, however just as we arrived a the top the cloud lifted and we had fabulous views over Edale and towards Mam Tor.

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