Wanlockhead Gold Rush 18/05/2010 (mountain biking) Route Details

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Epic ride from Drumlanrig.

Hazards and warnings

No real bail-out options.

Detailed description

Hay-uge ride from Drumlanrig estate.  Start by following the red route, lovely techy singletrack, until you hit the River Nith; turn left at "Dr Evil" (you'll know it when you ride it),  then turn left to follow the Nith.  Navigation all pretty easy from there.  Fantastic all-day ride in the hills, only a short (tens of minutes rather than hours) push up the South Upland Way.  Try to hit Wanlockhead before 1630 to make use of the tea room (toilets apparently open after hours).  Then it's a stiff climb on a closed tarmac road, an impressive sheeptrack descent, all rideable if you have the cajones.  After that, try to stay high as you descend back to the final few miles on the road back to Drumlanrig.

A big ride (took us 10hrs), but one that I'd do again in decent weather.  Nothing technical after leaving Drumlanrig; stamina and a good supply of Jelly Babies more important (and I'll lamp anybody that mentions my comedy SPD moment before Wanlockhead).

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