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An at times boggy walk to the top of the flat hill the dominates lower Wensleydale. Although the hill is not high, some brilliant views of the Dales can be had.


Good tracks, bar one section which is very boggy indeed, with tricky route finding.

Detailed description

Walk up the track from the village. As you climb, you start to gain an impressive view down into Coverdale, and if the visibility is good, across to the North York Moors, and even as far as the industrial sites of Middlesborough.

At the top of the saddle, go through the gate, and follow the western side of the fence line. There is a faint path, but conditions are very boggy, as you reach the top of the flat hill. Cross the fence and head downhill to the west briefly, until just about a stone wall, you can start to pickup a weak path, that heads north above the wall. Gradually the path improves, especially after a path from down in the valley joins it. Some amazing views up into Wensleydale, and even across toward the Howgill fells and the southern Lakeland fells can be had. Follow the path along until you reach a gate on the left, and a small pond. Take the well surfaced gravel track on the right, and follow it across the moor. Althernatively, carry on along the top of Penhill, and descend to the road between Melmerby and West Whitton.

Descend the steep gravel track, until you reach a cross roads with another track near the gate in the stone wall. Turn right and follow the grassy track down. You can head straight down across fields, or take the right hand path down beside some waterfalls to arrive back at the road.

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