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Route Description

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An easy summit, followed by a bit of ridge walking, this is a nice route up an often overlooked mountain. The views across in the the Snowdon horseshoe, and all around are brilliant in good weather, as the isolated nature of the peak means you can see a lot more than from other summits.


An easy, steadily ascending path, with a rocky, and airy ridge which can be avoided by returning on the same path as the ascent.

Hazards and warnings

Large drop to the north of the ridge.

Detailed description

Follow the path down to the bridge and up into the woods. As you steadily climb towards the ridge, you will encounter some boggy bits. The path is generally rocky unfoot with some loose rocks and the odd rocky step. The path has a moderately steep, but very consistent gradient, and you can make good progress.

At the point where the path reaches the summit ridge, bear left to avoid the rocky areas, before reaching a well defined summit with a trig point, and small wall which provides shelter for windier days.

Coming down, either retrace your footsteps, or head back to where the path hits the ridge, and carry on along the ridge. The ridge is reasonably level, but for the most part you'll be clambering over large blocky rocks. The exposure to the right is huge, but you don't need to go near to that side, unless you want to. The one moderately tricky bit is a short descent to a gap in the ridge, which involves a drop of about 5 metres, and some steep climbing on polished holds, before coming up a series of rocky slabs to the final pinnacle of the ridge. Once done with the ridge, cut left, and headtowards the fence. Cross the style and follow the western side of the fence down to the path up.

You can also do the route in reverse, with the ridge first, and then the normal descent. There are also good paths up from Capel Curig, and for those seeking more exposure, an easy scramble up the SE ridge.


We did this route on a clear still day in mid October on the last day of a 4 day holiday in Snowdonia. We wanted a nice big hill, that offered satisfying views, yet would finish early enough for the drive home. This route was just that. The going was good on the easy path, and we made the summit in good time, with hardly any of the bogginess you'd find on a wetter day.

Although the summit was far from empty, the crowds that feature on many 3000 foot summits were missing, and we had lunch on the summit in conditions warm enough for the fleece to stay in the rucsack.

Coming down we followed the broad but dramatic ridge, scrambling over easy boulders, with the sense of the long drop to the right being very much present, without being too close for comfort, except for the gully, which required some careful steps on polished rock, with a huge drop on the right. You could probably pick a less scary line by dropping to the left of the main ridge, or avoid the ridge althogether by retracing the way up.

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