Dolwyddelan + Penmachno (motorcycling) Route Details

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The Can be a very difficult off road track, Could be done on a Mountain Bike, But this is aimed again at those Sunday morning off road green laners (2 wheel type)(4X4 would not get down some of the narrow tracks) . Again as normal PLEASE RESPECT THE COUNTRY SIDE, Throttle and noise must be kept down. Leaving big bike cut marks in the fields & country side, will only lead to closure for us. I will be trying to add some more routes, so you can stitch them all up together. Making a full day or weekend of it. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS ONLY A GUIDE, PLEASE CHECK WITH THE LOCAL AUTHORITY FOR ACCESS RIGHTS. I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY ILLEGAL ACTIVITY.


Ok in Dry. The wet can be very very Difficult, can get bogged down, hence having a few friendS to help each other. So depends on if we have had a a lot of rain or not, as to how much fun youy will have.

Hazards and warnings

As mentioned can be difficult in some area's, if starting as shown here, (can be done in reverse).The first part along side a dis-used chapel is very Rocky, good as a down, but very challenging as an up, try it without putting you foot down, rock steps in area's. Will post some pictures next time I go. Also a section between Dol & Penmach, SH 775 510, This section in the wood area can be very entertaining. Dont do it on your own, need 3 or 4 to help each other in places (well possibly anyway) When back on main trunk roads, ensure your number plate is clean, I have been done twice for a dirty plate.

Route Map

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