Red Pike and Scale Force (Walking) Route Details

Route Description

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A mountain walk taking in views of the lakes and waterfalls, and a visit to the summit of Red Pike


Upland tracks across peaty mountainsides, so parts are quite rocky. Alongside Crummock Water it can be very boggy.

Hazards and warnings

Route finding is tricky coming down from Red Pike in poor visibility. The path and the right of way marked on the map differ by a few hundred metres, so you may not be quite were you think you are. On higher ground it's best to follow the actual path, rather than the offical path marked on the map, to avoid causing erosion.

Detailed description

Follow the path parked for Scale Force from Buttermere, at first across flat land between the two lakes, and then over a bridge and alongside Crummock Water. You'll pass through an area with srubby trees, before starting to climb slightly. The bridleway on the map, and the actual path seem to differ, and in a few boggy sections there seems a wide choice of bits of path.

Eventually you'll come to the waterfall of Scale Force, which is worth a closer look, although the gorge is very slippery and it's fairly hard to get near to the falls proper. After that, take the zigzagged stepped path to the left of the falls and carry on up. The path takes you up the stream, before turning left towards Red Tarn. The map shows a arrow straight footpath slightly to the south or the actual path (the marked route on the map follows the footpath, but you can see the strong path immediately to the north). Follow the path which runs along side Lincomb Edge, and then up the final, steep push to the summit.

From the summit head north east along the fairly hard to follow path which runs down the Saddle. Route finding in poor visibility can be hard here. Before the secondary peak of the 'Dodd', turn right and descend steeply towards Bleaberry tarn. At the lower side of the tarn pick up the track which heads down the right hand side of the tarn. Again the map and the actual path on the ground differ. Soon you'll pickup a well surfaced, stoneslabbed path which takes you down to the edge of the woods.

In the wood keep following the path until you cross a lakeside path, and head towards the bridge. Cross the bridge and follow the gravel farm track to the village.

Route Map

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