Burton Agnes and Kilham Circular (Walking - Hiking) Route Details

Route Description

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This is a relatively easy walk with simple navigation of reasonably flat terrain


Cultivated fields and tracks

Hazards and warnings


Detailed description

The route is a fairly straight forward walk with few obstacles impeding a pleasant walk. The route starts at Burton Agnes pond and walks passed Burton Agnes Hall in the direction of Rudston. Leaving Burton Agnes the route changes direction and heads across open fields in the direction of Kilham using marked footpaths. Once in Kilham the route takes a southerly change of direction and heads onwards to the Bracey Bridge picnic area. From this point the path continues onward to Harpham before returning to Burton Agnes across the fields.


We did this walk during February 2012 when conditions were very cold. This would make a very pleasant summer walk when crops were in the fields and trees were in full leaf. There are a few pubs and places to eat along the way. Burton Agnes Hall is a great place to look around if you have a couple of hours, plus they have a great tea room and gardens.

Route Map

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