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A trip down the river on the SV Tangaroa sailing from Bristol Harbour to Portishead marina.


We sailed at near high tide on a fairly calm day.


We sailed just after 10 in the morning, as the timing of the tide dictated the time the lock was open. To get into the lock, several swing bridges had to be swung out of the way, to allow our mast to pass under them. Stopping morning traffic in a boat was a strangely satifying experience! 

After locking out from the harbour we sailed down through the Avon Gorge. Going under the Clifton Suspension Bridge was one of the highlights of the trip. Sadly the weather was overcast, and the photos not as good as I'd have hoped. As we progressively got closer to the sea, the dramatic cliffs either side gave way to lower land that gradually became more industrial as we approached the M5 bridge. We passed the motorway bridge and then the various bits of the port of Avonmouth,  before sailing out into the Bristol channel, as one of the crew members, a former scientist, explained the Twin paradox, and special relativity. Fortunatly the skipper knew his way around the shipping channels and shifting mud banks of the Bristol Channel, which was reassuring to know when we seemed to be a very small floating lump of wood somewhere between two large ships going to and from the port.

We arrived at the lock in Portishead, and locked in before mooring up by the marina, and the new apartments by the waterside.

More details about the Tangaroa can be found here: http://www.tangaroa-sailing.com/history2.html

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