High Lodge - Black Route (Mountain Biking) Route Details

Route Description

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The Black route is one of four biking routes of varying difficulties starting at High Lodge. It is the most technical and requires a reasonable level of skill and endurance fitness to make the most of it. The next level down, the Red route, is much less technical, but it's a longer route and features some great high speed singletrack with berms.

Detailed description

The route starts by following gravel tracks out of the High Lodge car park and quickly gets into it's stride with smooth forest singletrack, bermed corners and several well placed crests and dips.  Then comes the first bomb hole, which can be taken by a number of different routes, the best being straight through the middle at speed to incorporate a jump on the way in as well as on the way out.  The route then follows various tracks through the forest, including several more sections of excellent high speed singletrack with burmed turns, before exiting into a short open section of sandy track with 90 degree corners hidden by the heather.  This is followed by more forest paths with a couple of bomb holes, leading to the best bit of all 'The Beast'.  This is a fantastic rollercoaster section full of corners, crests and dips, which can easily catch you out if you're not careful.  After this the rest of the route is fairly dull, mainly on forest roads back to the car park at High Lodge.


If you want to leave the best bit till last, then park in one of the afformentioned places off the B1106, pick up the trail from there and get the boring part out of the way at the beginning, leaving The Beast to the end.

Route Map

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