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Visit to mill and woodland walk


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Having booked into Bowmore for two nights we are able to leave excess baggage at the bed and breakfast and talk a stroll around the village and along the sea front.  We finally managed to arrange for a tour of the Bowmore distillery whcih took about an hour and was fascinating.  A tasting session afterwards in the new visitor centre persuaded us to purchase a bottle of their finest!  This was taken back to the B+B laeving us just enough time to catch our bus.

The bus took us to just beyond Bridgend where we got off and took a short walk down to the W oollen Mill at Redhouses.  The mill used to operate  the looms with power generated from the water wheel but now electricity does the job.  We were shown around and made a purchase.  We were told that the woollen cloth made was used 'by royal appointment' and that the cloths were in great demand around the country.

We headed out from the mill along a lovely woodland walk back to Bridgend where again, we enjoyed very friendly hospitality in the local hotel.  So friendly in fact, that when we missed the last bus to Bowmore, we were given a lift back.

Another enjoyable night was spent in the local hotel in Bowmore for a bar meal and back to the bed and breakfast for a good night's sleep.


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