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Journey back to main land via ferry from Askaig then on to Glasgow


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Due to poor weather conditions our original plan to sail back to the mainland from Port Ellen altered as there were no ferry crossings.  We were advised of this by the bus driver and were directed onto a different bus to Askaig.

We had a pleasant ride over to Askaig seeing a different part of the island and arrived at the terminal in time to see the ferry arriving.

Jura could be seen clearly from Islay and the mountians were very impressive and much higher than those we have seen previously.  The sun came out and having boarded the ferry we had the perfect opportunity to soak up the wonderful scenery and take lots of photographs en route.  Land was never far away and snow covered the hilltops.  Though high winds had meant the ferries been diverted, the crossing was relatively calm and took less than 2 hours.  Facillities were good on the ferry with cafe, bar, small shop and comfortable lounge area.  Outside seating was available but not an option we plumped for !

On arriving back at Kennacraig we picked the car up from the free car park and continued on our journey back to Glasgow calling in at Inveraray for a walk around.  Nice little town with a castle, ship museum, jail! and mill (all closed).  Called in at the TIC and had interesting conversation with the assistant there.

Because time was on our side we stopped off for a walk around Loch Lomond and the retail area at the side of the loch.

We arrived in Glasgow eventually having battled through the rush hour traffic.



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