Malpas Bickerton Shocklach (Cycling) Route Details

Route Description

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Gentle riding around Cheshire, following part of the Cheshire Cycle Way (CCW)


Almost all on minor roads, with the odd crossing of a main road

Detailed description

Follow the described route, which follows the route of the Cheshire Cycleway as it makes it's way across the edge Cheshire. The route is not flat, but the hills are not too challenging. There are plenty of small villages, with pubs, and other visitor attractions along the way, such as Cholomondeley Castle, with it's extensive gardens, to brak up the journey if you want to make a lazy days riding of it.


The route is not well served by public transport, although there is a station in Wrenbury, which lies 5.5 miles from the nearest point on the route (Bickely Town) along minor roads.

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