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Route Description

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A nice flat walk near York, suitable for those wanting an easy walk


Easy riverside paths and a minor road through the National Trust property

Hazards and warnings

When the Ouse is in flood, the riverside path may be underwater

Detailed description

Starting from the small parking area by the gate of Beningbrough Hall, walk down the path which borders the line of trees. After 1/2 a mile, you reach the river. Turn right and follow the riverside path. The path passes where the river Nidd joins the Ouse. Sadly there's no easy way to the otherside as it looks interesting.

Carry on along the river, passing the old water tower, until the paths forks. Take the right hand fork, away from the river and towards the village. At the end of the field, you can either carry on to sample one of the villages two pubs which lie a further 1/4 a mile on, or turn right and go through the gate into the grounds of Beningbrough Hall. Once on the road, watch out for traffic. Carry on past the hall (there is a cafe there if you are so inclined), and return to the gate where you parked. There are other paths on the estate, which can be used if you feel like extending the walk. 

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