Heath Sharlston Crofton Walton (Mountain Biking) Route Details

Route Description

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A nice easy ride to the east of Wakefield across the old mining areas around Sharleston


Mostly quiet roads and bridleways.

Hazards and warnings

Navigation is tricky near the mine, with paths being closed at times.

Detailed description

Around the A 655 by the new entrance to the open cast mine, there are signs warning of path closures. However, if you just go around the fence through the gap, you can actually avoid any paths which are closed, so not sure what that sign actually means. Just watch out for large coal lorries using that entrance!

If you wanted to extend the ride, there's a series of nice flowing bridleways along the A 655 running for several mines, although these don't really make an obivous loop.

The section along the old Barnsley Canal is very pleasant, and if you want more, you can follow that south to Barnley, although by Royston it's not so nice.


A summer evening ride. The landscape clearly still shows the scars of industry, with the remains of mines, canals and old railways everywhere, with many of the towns and villages such as Sharlston, showing the signs of being old pit villages. Yet, between these lie some pretty countryside, and not just the obvious prettiness of Heath Common. Many of the old mining sites have been restored into nature reserves, such as the former Walton Colliery and at the edge of the Sharlston open cast mine.



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