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The long drive back from Motswari to JNB airport


The road between the Styrdom tunnel and Ohrigstat is very potholed, but the rest is well maintained


The last day of a trip organised by SunSafaris, with a long drive from the Timbavati, to the N4 and Johannesburg airport.

There are many interesting places to stop on the way, but in my haste to make it to the airport and a flight home, I only stopped for fuel and lunch in Dulstroom.

The first part of the drive, out of the Timbavati seems to take forever, but once past the climb up on the Drakensberg, the road is interesting, and hilly, but beware the state of the road.

The N4 is a fast and effecient way across the high veldt, but pretty dull. Watch your speed, as the police lurk ready to catch speeders.

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