Shawu Morning Game Drive 27th Aug (game drive) Route Details

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A game drive around the private concession, and up the S28 dirt road, with lots and lots of game


Dry, and cold at first; great conditions for photography

Detailed description

A drive around the south eastern part of the Kruger National Park.

Part of a 2 week trip organised by SunSafaris.


The sheer amount and variety of game in this part of the Kruger is amazing. In one drive, we saw more animals than you'd see in an entire trip to any other park. The veldt in the south east of the park provides rich grazing, due to the favourable geology providing rich soil, which supports large numbers of herbivores and carnivores in turn. Although you don't get a true sense of wilderness, as this area of the park is popular, and close to the edge of some farmlands, this is made up for the sheer quantity of game.

We started with driving past a herd of cape buffalo, and then up to the Nhlanganzwani water hole hide, just off the S28 road that runs from near the Crocodile Bridge to rejoin the S28 near Sabie bridge. At the water hole we saw hippos lurking in the water. There were almost certainly crocs, but we didn't see any.

Every few minutes we saw different game, with lots of zebra, wildebeest, and antelope, and a few more cape buffalo wandering around, obvious to the large number of cars and game viewing vehicles.

Back on the road, we soon came to the high point of the drive: A leopard was in a tree just off the road, and a crowd of cars had gathered. I felt slighty sorry for the animal, who just wanted to chill out in the tree, but instead had a crowd of eager photograpers, keen to photograph ever slightest move of the animal. Just before we left, a large bull elephant in must, passed by and we followed him for a while.

After that a few more impala, and a great sighting of a group of giraffe, before returning to the camp for breakfast.

In one trip we had seen a huge number of animals, and had got pretty close to them. Seeing a leopard was a treat, even if we shared that with many others.

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