Shawu Evening Game drive 27th August (game drive) Route Details

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An evening game drive around the easternmost part of the park, right up by the border. Not a whole lot of game, bar antelope, and some rhino, but great views


Dry, towards the end of winter. Good visibility and light. It gets cold after dark very quickly at this time of the year.

Hazards and warnings

Game viewing can be dangerous

Detailed description

An evening game drive around the eastern part of the private concession run by Shishagani Lodge.

Part of a two week trip organised by


There didn't seem to be much in the way of game around at the time. But, being out in the bush was a pleasure enough, especially as we drove along the eastern fringes of the park, along the base of some hills, which offered amazing views west across the Kruger, and the mountains of Swaziland in the distance.

We did see some rhino, with the moon rising behind them, which was pretty cool, as rhino are sadly all to rare in the wild.

Sunset in the veldt are amazing, even if the sun does sink pretty fast compared to Europe.

After sunset we drove around, and saw a few antelop, which ran away long before we got in camera range, and lastly, just before coming back to the camp a bush baby.

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