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A drive across the high veldt to Swaziland


Generally good roads, apart from from Piet Retief to the Swaziland border


A drive across KZN and into Swaziland on a rare rainy day.

It's a long way from the battlefields to Kruger, thankfully, I didn't drive it all in one day, instead following the wise advice of SunSafaris, who organised the trip, I broke the drive with a trip to Swaziland.

Dundee isn't much to look at, and I didn't have time to stop at any of the places on the way, before having lunch at Vryheid. Vryheid was very much still an africaans town, and had that small town feel anybody who has driven across america will be familar with.

In contrast, Swaziland is different. It's much more like the Africa I was familar with from my trips to west africa in the past. Although the border crossing was simple, and without difficulty, just seeing the border post was enough to remind me I was back in 'proper' africa, rather than the island of relative prosperity that is South Africa.

Thankfully the roads in Swaziland are excellent, as after driving a dirt road to the border, I was begining to worry. I needed have, as the road from the border was well built and swooped across the mountainous terrain of Swaziland, which was just as well, as I was tired of driving, and the rainy, misty conditions made driving pretty hard work.

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