Motswari Evening Game Drive 31st Aug (game drive) Route Details

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An evening game drive from Motswari Lodge


Late winter: hot, with little water, and spare vegetation mean the best game viewing is near water

Hazards and warnings

Game viewing can be dangerous, as wild animals are exactly that. A skilled ranger will of course do everything they can to minimise the risk, but we managed to get rather to close for comfort in a showdown between lions and elephants

Detailed description

An evening game drive from Motsawi. The game is not nearly as plentiful as in the southern part of the Kruger, but the quality of the viewing is fantastic.

Part of a 2 week trip organised by SunSafaris.


After a slow start we saw a batchelor herd elephant at the water hole. As we we on the bank above the animals we had a great view of the elephants drinking and just chilling out elephant style.

We also found 3 nomadic young sibling lions loafing around.

By the dam (one of the few remaining areas of water at this time of the year) we saw a breeding herd of elephant, near to a pride of lions. At first we saw the male, and then the main pride consisting of two lionesses, two larger cubs, and two young and impossibly cute cubs. The elephants noticed the lions and took exception to the lions and the large female grabbed a branch and charged the lions. During the commotion of lions being chased by elephants, we got rather closer than we'd like to the elephants, and the big female did a mock charge on the game viewing vehicle, before the ranger reversed us out of danger.

After this we did the traditional sundowners, and returned to the 3 lions to see if anything was going to happen, now it was dark. The lions got up and started to wander off in search of a meal. We followed them for a bit before they got into thick bush.

Night game viewing is fun, but difficult to photograph as the lighting from the vehicle tends to make what ever you do see hard to photograph.

The pride of lions we saw evidently seemed to have poor luck. We saw them get charged by the elephants, and heard that the next day, the lioness decided to swim across the lake with the cubs. Sadly, this proved to be the end for one of the cubs, as the crocs managed to take one of the lions. I didn't even know lions swam, and after hearing what had happened, you can see why.

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