Motswari Evening Game Drive 1st Sept (game drive) Route Details

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An evening game drive, with a great sighting of a leopard


Dry and hot at the end of winter

Hazards and warnings

Game viewing can be dangerous, as wild animals are exactly that. A skilled ranger will of course do everything they can to minimise the risk, but we managed to get rather to close for comfort in a showdown between lions and elephants

Detailed description

Part of a 2 week trip organised by SunSafaris.


After driving around and seeing the 'usual suspects', we got a sighting of a leopard drinking the water hole. This was the highpoint of the game drive, and I managed to get some great photos of the leopard as she wandered off into the bush.

Leopards, to me at least, are by far the most elegant of the big cats, and have such a graceful and sleek look to them, even when they are walking around. And, oddly, the face looks quite like a domestic cat, just a lot bigger.

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