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A drive from Cathedral Peak Hotel to Isibindi Zulu Lodge, near Rorke's Drift


Twisty roads, and rough gravel roads

Detailed description

A drive from Cathedral Peak to Isibindi Zulu lodge.

Places along the way include various battle fields associated with the Anglo Boer war, particularly the seige of Ladysmith, and the initially disasterous, but eventually sucessful attempt to relieve the besieged garrison at Ladysmith. The museum at Ladysmith is worth a visit, as there's lots of information and artifacts connected with the seige.

If you have read up about the various battles that took place in the area, many of the names you see along the way will be familar, such as Spion Kop, site of a foolhardy British assult on a hill, ladysmith, and the various battles that took place on surrounding hills overlooking the town, and of course, Rorkes Drift, site of a famous battle between the British and Zulu.

Part of a two week trip organised by SunSafaris.


After stopping for the last time to look back at the peaks of the 'berg, it was time to press on. The first part of the drive was across flat dusty looking farm land. I didn't stop at Winterton, although it looked like a nice tree lined sort of place. The area around reminded me of parts of the south island of New Zealand.

After driving past Spion Kop, which even from the road looked like a difficult hill to assult, I came to Ladysmith, site of the famous seige, which was something of an interest for me, since reading the book by Giles Foden. The museum was a bit tatty at the edges, but still an interesting way to take a break from driving, as it was full of artifacts and explainations from the time of the seige.

Whilst driving from Ladysmith, I could see the surrounding hills where well placed artillery had made life dangerous for the besieged garrison. After missing the right turn, I took a gravel road to regain the original road I had intended. The road passed lots of small settlements, before a brief section of dirt road, and then the junction with the Dundee to Greytown road. The last few kilometres to Isibindi went through forests before suddenly diving down a huge hillside, past the strangly out of place stone luthern church, and the turn for Isibindi.


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