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A short and fairly easy walk from Cathedral Peak Hotel up into one fo the valleys


Well maintained paths, with some steep bits

Hazards and warnings

The usual stuff in the Berg

Detailed description

Follow the way marked trail from the hotel down across the river, and along the bank, crossing over the stream. Take note of the small directional markings.

After the falls, climb above, up a long series of steps to the cave, which features some painting by the San people who lived here once.

Part of a 2 week trip organised by SunSafaris.


It was a hot afternoon and the thought of a walk ending up at a cool waterfall seemed a nice idea. The chance to splash some cool, clear water on your head made a nice rest from the dry heat of a late winter afternoon.

The walk up to the waterfall was pretty easy, and reasonably flat. After walking past the waterfall, I managed to miss the turn for Albert falls, but instead carried on up to the rock escarpment, where in a sort of shallow overhang, could be found some rock paintings.

On the way down from the cave I noticed a few Dassies watching me from on the rock.

The walk down the otherside of the valley back to the hotel was much cooler, as the sun was behind the mountains. A side trip to look at the lonely graves of 2 people who died in mountain accidents in the 1940s was a reminder that mountains are beautiful, but dangerous.

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